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Open Networked Learning

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.I am participating in Open Networked Learning course which is offered by Karolinska Institutet, Lund University, Linnaeus University, Stockholm University, Luleå University of Technology, Linköping University  (Sweden), Arcada University of Applied Sciences (Finland) and Independent Institute of Education (IIE) (South Africa) in collaboration.

This course is a gerat opportunity for us to explore digital learning environments online, extend professional networks and get engaged with the trends in online learning. The most interesting and challenging part for me in this course is actually BLOGGING. Writing and publishing plog posts is not only a way of sharing your reflections, but also trying yourself in a digital space as a blogger.

This post appears in my language school web-site where I have a small business blog mainly used for announcements and online offers.  So, I am going to use this space for posting the course blog posts here on A learning blog is definitely someting different from a business blog: more focus on the content and building a professional network, no worries about growing traffic and making money. For me a learning blog is more like a personal journal.

I think making a learning blog a part of this course is an excellent idea as this envolves practicing our online presence and a great way to connect with others on the course.

So, a blogger for the next two months? Yes!



*Photo credit: Scott Webb Photography London, Canada


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  1. Yes, a blogger you are! Great start Aliona – looking forward to read up on your coming posts!

  2. I have never heard of enbiz before…how do you like it? It is easy to use? Why did you decide to use this to begin with, when you created your small business?

    • admin admin

      Hi Michael! This web-site is built on WordPress. The WP theme I’m using is called Optimizer (I customized it so it may not look like the original anymore). is my domain which comes from the name of my school ENglish for BIZness:) and is hosted at
      Are you planning to create a web-site? Or do you already have one?

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