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Welcome to my web-site! I’m Aliona Yarova, a small educational business owner in Ukraine and a reseracher in Sweden.

I created in 2009 when I started my language school English for Business in the beautiful city of Lviv (a place I’ve never spiritually abandoned even after moving away). In 2012 I won a scholarship to do a one-year Master’s degree at the University of Cambridge, where I studied critical approaches to children’s literature in education.

I’m now doing PhD in English and Education and currently split my life between Sweden and Ukraine. My university profile and academic publications can be found here.

Ocassionally, I write short stories for children. “Black and White” was published by Old Lion Publishing House in Lviv, in 2016. The book is available here. Another short story “Indian Summer” will be released soon.

Photo courtesy of Anna Shuminska